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Feline Fancies workshops

A big hello and thank you to all those who attended the Feline Fancies workshops held in January and on the 1st February.  We had a busy and creative time, personalising our chosen cat designs and making them full of character, with just a few well placed pieces of fabric and stitches!
Do keep in touch via the website and email your photographs of finished pieces so that I can update the opening page.  Good luck and I hope to see as many of you as possible at the workshop retreats I will arrange once we have settled in Wales.

Next Textile Workshop on 25th January

Hi everyone,

To those of you who keep up with my blog, this is just a reminder that the next Textile Workshop with the theme of 'Feline Fancies' - linking it to an exhibition later in the year in connection with the Cats Protection League - will be on Saturday 25th January 2014 between 1pm and 3.30pm at the St. Margaret's Museum which is opposite the Pines Gardens and adjacent to the Pines Tearoom in St. Margaret's Bay.  Cost of the workshop is £10 and everything is provided except your square (fat quarter) of backing fabric.

~Christmas Owls workshop

The great group of craftswomen who attended the Christmas Owls workshop on 30th November.  What a talented and inventive group who created some imaginative and characterful owls from the basic template which was provided.  Thanks for a great afternoon everyone, and look out for my next workshop on Saturday 25th January 2014, same time and place - 1pm -3.30pm at the St. Margaret's Pines Museum - and I will include your request for the inclusion of a cat in the workshop planning!

Astor Theatre Exhibition now open!

Hi to all those who were able to come along to the Preview Evening for the Exhibition on the 5th November!
If you weren't able to get along, do pop into the theatre when you're in Deal, it's always open, and you can make your way left into the bar area where the paintings are displayed.
I was very appreciative of the positive comments from all who attended, and many noted the different styles and techniques I have used to try to capture aspects of the places painted, from the rough textures on the cliff face paintings, to the smooth, slightly abstract interpretations of Australia and New Zealand.  You can see all the paintings on my website slideshow, but they look even better 'in the flesh', so do try to get along to the show.  If you can't make it, they will be at the Ripley Arts Centre in Bromley next March......unless they are all sold, in which case, there will be a totally new exhibition there!

Patchwork and Quilting Workshops

Thanks to everyone who came to the Workshops during July and August - it was great to meet you and work with you, and I was thrilled at your inventiveness in your selection and use of fabric and other materials, well done!
As you finish your pieces, do email me pictures so that I can add them to the display on the Home Page of the web site. 
I look forward to seeing old friends and new attenders at the Autumn workshops and classes.....dates yet to be arranged, but starting in October; do let me know if you are likely to be interested in coming along so that I can start detailed planning during August and September.

The White Cliffs Project at Hever Castle 2013!

Great news,
I have received an email from the Quilter's Guild, Region 2, offering a space in the marquee at Hever Castle from 13-15th September 2013 to exhibit examples of the quilts and textiles created  or produced in connection with the White Cliffs Project!
I have had offers of quilts that are already made and connect with the theme, and I look forward to seeing all the textile entries for the exhibitions in St. Margaret's on Saturday 31st August - please bring to the Old Chapel Tearoom in the morning between 10 -12.

White Cliffs Project updates

Thanks to everyone who has contacted me via the website with encouragement and good comments about the contents and my work.
At the moment I am fully involved in setting up all the events surrounding the White Cliffs Project which will bring together artists, quilters and photographers, professional and amateur artists, students and children in a celebration of the White Cliffs of Dover in a series of workshops, classes and exhibitions during 2013.
I have also been busy painting my entry for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition which is a reinterpretation of one of my favourite subjects, Dover Castle from the Downs, but on a much larger scale.

Thanks for visiting our website, speak to you soon!

Thank you for visiting our new website, and we hope what you see will encourage you to contact us to discuss a mural for your home, nursery or work place.
We are both experienced painters who can work in a wide variety of styles which we can adapt to your requirements.
Do phone or email and we can have a friendly chat to talk about what you would like - from abstract expressionism, to landscapes, still life painting, scenes from different areas of the world, favourite characters, animals, children, literature and poetry.

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